P4A-S1 GPS Blocker for Car


This GPS Tracking signal blocker SWU-P4A-S1 possesses the capability to block those regular GPS signals, to prevent the secret tracking from access your real-time position information, serves as a location privacy protector.

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When talking about this trendy model SWU-P4A-S1, the well-designed car anti tracker GPS jammer, you can always take it as a location privacy protector.
Cause it possesses the capability to block those regular GPS signals, to prevent the secret tracking from access your real-time position information.

This device has a interior battery at fully 4,300 mAh to support working for about 90 minutes in outdoor settings, such as green roads along the river, open natural camping sites and other places that GPS signal is good enough to locate someone’s position.
When you carry it in your backpack or pocket, once power the portable GPS blocker for car on a signal shield up to 30 meters will be established.
In this condition, tracking signals like GPS L1/L2/L5 will be rendered to invalid, so that you can leave the worry of being tracked behind and enjoy a quiet and peaceful life.

Thanks to the brilliant dual-bands design, this Bluetooth signal blocker is able to interfere with 8 channels through 4 aerials.
Except the mentioned GPS signals, common cell phone signals like GSM, 4G LTE, and other frequencies such as Wi-Fi 2.4G and Bluetooth, are all contained in the default jamming list.
Please note that you can shut down unused aerial by the DIP buttons in the device front, simply push it to other side and no further operation required.

Available Frequencies Information



GSM 850869 – 894 MHz
PCS1930 – 1990 MHz
3G UMTS 21002110 – 2155 MHz
4G LTE 700725 – 770 MHz
4G LTE 2300 (Default)2350 – 2360 MHz
4G LTE 25002496 – 2690 MHz


Wi-Fi 2.4G2400 – 2500 MHz


GPS L11565 – 1586 MHz
GPS L21216 – 1239 MHz
GPS L51164 – 1189 MHz

We have offered a default model that can interfere with all the listed GPS signals, contains GPS L1/L2/L5.
In the same time, the customization service is available, you can request some special type depending on your actual needs.

Device Package Containing

** silver Car Anti Tracker GPS Jammer x 1
** black Antenna (removable and modifiable) x 4
** black Car Charger (supports in-Car DC 12V) x 1
** black AC Charger (supports AC 110 – 240V to DC 12V) x 1

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions160 × 83 × 46 mm
Device Configuration

Default – GSM, PCS, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, WiFi 2.4G, GPS L1/L2/L5, Customization – Combination of Your Requirement


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