P12A-S2 Cell Phone Jammer Signal Blocker


This silver mobile signal jamming device SWU-P12A-S2 is a strong-enough protector that awaits to clear out your signal related troubles, help you to take back control over your own space of peace and quiet.

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Let’s have a look on this trendy mobile cell phone jammer SWU-P12A-S2, the silver metal case is casting a steady and calm device image that makes you feel assured.
Beneath the matte surface, rests a strong-enough protector that awaits to clear out your signal related troubles.
If you are getting tired of being bothered by all those minor but came from nowhere headaches, such as buzzing sound of ringing continuous playing by surrounding cell phones, but can do nothing but feeling frustrating.
Please don’t give up hope, cause now you can applying this vehicle GPS tracker blocker to take back control over your own space of peace and quiet.

Reasons that we call this Mobile Cell Phone Jammer a Strong-enough Protector

  1. The upmost outputting level can reach the 38 watts, which could be named a bit of marvelous for a portable electronic device. And this parameter provides a effective support for the key jamming function, allowing the interfering distance ranges from the basic 2 meters, to the maximum limitation of 40 meters.
  2. The most important one of all those specifications should be the frequency coverage, and this cell phone jammer 5g can be called excellent for it. view the table below and you will understand why.
Cellular FrequenciesGSM 850, PCS,

3G UMTS 2100,

4G LTE 700 / 2300 / 2600,

5G FR1 600 / 3500 / 3700

Wireless SignalsWi-Fi 2.4G/5.8G
Locating SignalsGPS L1/L2/L3/L4/L5
Radio FrequenciesLoJack, LoRa 915,

VHF ( 135 – 174 MHz )

  1. There are 12 slots at top of this equipment and 12 DIP switches at right side, for the attached 12 adjustable aerials. Install antennas to the right slot with same number, and use the DIP switch to turn ON/OFF any single antennas, this function allows you to set up a special jamming effect.

For example, you can turn ON only the cellular antennas, then the device will not affect Wi-Fi signals during working state.

  1. Just like the power consumption supports the blocking ability, the built-in battery with full volume of 5,200 mAh is providing the essential electricity what device running requires most.

If you are deploying this Bluetooth WiFi jammer in outdoor environment, the inner battery will support the device jamming signals for about 70 minutes. You can always use the front LCD screen to check the remaining battery capacity.
Tips: You can use the provided AC charger (supports AC 110 – 240V to DC 24V) or car charger form package to recharge device once the battery is in running out status.

  1. Back to the silver metal outer casing, it’s made of aluminum alloy and has excellent thermal conductivity. Along with the 3 internal cooling fans, and many dot-like or bar-like vents distributed in surface, they can prevent this mobile cell phone jammer in working status from becoming a overheated metal buck.

After all these introduction, you might have a better understanding of this device. If it’s what you are looking for, just do not hesitate and go ahead for it, to drive out those annoying disturbing issues from your peaceful life.
But we also understand that it’s not what your want, and we would recommend to view this potable mobile cell phone signal blocker page, for we got many different types for you to pick up.

Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions200 × 133 × 66 mm


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