T6A-B3 GPS Locating Signal jammers for Home Use

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The anti tracking GPS jammer SWU-T6A-B3 is able to interfere with all 5 type of GPS signals, and the black metal outer casing which is fully covered with cooling fins has enhanced the heat dissipation capability to ensure 24/7 working.

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The stationary tracking signal jammer SWU-T6A-B3 has a black metal outer casing, the top is fully covered with cooling fins for enhancing the heat dissipation capability.
As a tabletop type equipment, it is originally designed and built for medium sized space, cause the topmost interfering range is set to about 40 meters.
For public places like conference room, reading room and laboratories, this device is able to fully cover them to establish signal shield that against GPS system.

It’s well-known that GPS has 5 sub-channels of GPS L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, all these signals can be blocked by this fixed locating signal blocker.
If you just want to jam single or several signals, this equipment has provided with the special adjustment function for every antenna.
On the side panel right down the antenna installation slot, 6 round scroll buttons is embedded to control related aerial.
The adjusting range starts from OFF state, to full outputting level, allows you customize the interfering effect by your actual needs.
Inside the tracking signal jammer there are built-in cooling fans, cooperating with the large scale cooling fins to keep the machine running at maximum 9 watts from becoming overheat.

Detailed Frequency List

** GPS L1 : 1565 – 1586 MHz
** GPS L2 : 1216 – 1239 MHz
** GPS L3 : 1371 – 1391 MHz
** GPS L4 : 1370 – 1390 MHz
** GPS L5 : 1164 – 1189 MHz
** GPS L1 : 1565 – 1586 MHz

Equipment Accessories

** Removable Antennas x 6.
In the first time you open the package, these aerials are stored separately in a transparent plastic bag.
Please make sure that every antenna is installed correctly and firmly, before start to power on the device host.

** AC Power Adapter x 1.
Considering the non-stop working requires stable and continuous power source, an AC charger for indoor environment is attached.
This power charger is compatible with AC 100 ~ 240V and can transfer it to DC 12V, to meet device requirement.

Weight4.0 kg
Dimensions305 × 140 × 51 mm


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