PHDA-B4 Anti GPS Tracker Blocker for Car

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The OBD anti GPS tracker jammer SWU-PHDA-B4 can be easily plugged into a vehicle’s OBD port, to disrupt or block the GPS signal that is probably being used for tracking the vehicle or obtaining it’s real-time location.

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The car GPS jammer is a type of device that can be easily plugged into a vehicle’s OBD (on-board diagnostics) port, to disrupt or block the GPS signal that is probably being used for tracking the vehicle or obtaining it’s real-time location.

This can be helpful for drivers who want to protect their privacy or prevent their movements from being spied by malicious person or group.

This anti GPS tracker blocker SWU-PHDA-B4 is small and painted black, making it easy to install and remove as needed.

What can this small device do for drivers?

One scenario that it can help the drivers, is when they suspect they are being tracked by a third party, such as a jealous partner or an overbearing employer.

By using this GPS blocker, the driver can prevent their location from being constantly monitored, allowing them to maintain control over their own movements.

Another advantage of using an mini OBD GPS jammer, is the ability to prevent theft or unauthorized use of a vehicle.

By disrupting the GPS signal, the device can make it more difficult for thieves to track and locate the vehicle, reducing the risk of being stolen or unknowingly use.

This can be particularly useful for owners of high-end or luxury vehicles, which are of higher possibility to be targeted by thieves.

Additionally, an GPS signal blocking device can also help drivers save money on insurance premiums.

Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who install anti-theft devices in their vehicles, and GPS jammers are included.

By deploying such device to avoid theft or unauthorized use of their own vehicle, drivers may be eligible for lower insurance rates, ultimately saving them money in the long run.

Special Parameters of this small Car GPS Jammer

  1. Once plugged into OBD port, it will stay in working condition until the vehicle stalled manually;
  2. Should work in environment temperature of -20 ~ 75 centigrade, and related humidity in range of 35% ~ 90%;
  3. Out Casing is made of ABS plastic, making it solid and waterproof;
  4. Working at power supply of DC 12 ~ 24V, and working current is 100 mA;
  5. Designed to jam GPS L1&L2 signals, affecting distance is about 3 ~ 8 meters.
Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions47 × 43 × 20 mm


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