T3A-S1 WiFi Jamming Equipment

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The silver WiFi jamming equipment SWU-T3A-S1 is the newly designed jammer for WiFi signal interference in medium-sized space, 3 aerials all have dedicated switch to adjust outputting, let you customized your own jamming effect.

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The WiFi blocking device SWU-T3A-S1 is the newly designed wireless network blocker for WiFi signal interference in medium-sized space, like normal housing, exam hall and small meeting room.

As a dedicated Wi-Fi jammer, all commonly-used WiFi signals including 2.4G, 5.2G and 5.8G will be completely shielded once power it on.

Find back the sometimes missing family warmth

Nowadays the prosperous consumer electronics market is continuously supplying various devices for entertainment.

And people living in this age are crowded with different favors, as a result some precious tradition is fading and being forgotten.

In decades ago, living room was playing role as a resting place for family members to share thought and happiness, strength the love and affection inside the house.

This WiFi blocking device stands for a moderate way to fix this.

When family members are gathering again in house, simply turn on the device, then children who are playing cell phones or consoles will put them down.

Then it’s possible for parents to start some old-style chat with latest news to restore the past warmth between family members.

Bring participants attentions back to meeting contents

When the meeting has already been going on for a period of time, most attendees who are not joining the topic discussing or not major member of project being talking, would probably get distracted by other things, for example their cell phones or laptops.

While the presenter or major leaders needs everyone to know or understand about the meeting contents, then the medium bigness WiFi blocking device will help resolve this issue.

As the jamming range reaches 100 meters at most, most meeting room will be covered by single internet blocker.

Once all WiFi frequencies are disturbed, attendees will put their attentions back to meeting for their electronic devices have no network connections.

WiFi Blocking device highlights that make it unique

– Manufactured with 2 big fans and fully covered cooling fins, heat will be dissipated quickly so that jamming influence is sustained and stable.

– Attached with 3 aerials, all have dedicated switch to adjust outputting. Also, the aerial can be turned off by the same switch.

– Working with power supply of AC 100~240V to DC 12V that are worldwide supported.

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions180 × 130 × 65 mm


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