T6A-B4 Stationary 6 Antennas Cell Phone WiFi Signal Jammer Scrambler


This SWU-T6A-B4 desktop cell phone scrambler is equipped with six high-efficiency antennas. It comes in a low-key black and silver color scheme, which is stylish and unobtrusive. The groove design on the back of the device gives it excellent heat dissipation.

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Meet the SWU-T6A-B4 desktop cell phone scrambler, equipped with six high-efficiency antennas. Effectively blocks 4G smartphone, WiFi signals.The product appearance adopts two low-key black and silver color schemes, which are stylish and unobtrusive, suitable for various office or home environments. The shell is made of high-quality ABS aluminum alloy to ensure durability and high-end feel. The groove design on the back of the device has excellent heat dissipation, which is essential for maintaining stable performance over time.

The groove design on the back of the device provides excellent heat dissipation. This effective heat management system allows the jammer to operate efficiently and reliably, whether in continuous operation or in high-demand environments.

The antenna is designed to be flexible and can be bent 90 degrees to facilitate adjustment of the use angle.

Scenarios that will be applied in reality:

Family environment: Children at home are addicted to electronic devices, which not only affects their studies, but also seriously affects the quality of family interaction. Imagine a typical night, everyone staring at the screen instead of having a meaningful conversation or enjoying a dinner together. Over time, family warmth will become increasingly weak.

Office: In a quiet working environment, buzzing phones have been distracting employees from their work tasks. By blocking signals that affect work, employees will not be disturbed by digital interference and can better focus on their work.

If you have the above problems that need to be solved, this low-key and practical mobile phone signal blocker can perfectly match the needs of life and work environment.

Mobile phone signal scrambler interference frequency range:

4G2345-2400 MHz / 2620-2690 MHz
Wi-Fi 2.4G2.4G 2400-2500MHz
Wi-Fi 5.8G5.8 G 5720 -5850 MHz
GPSL11565-1586 MHz
VHF135-175 MHz
UHF400-470 MHz
LOJACK170-175 MHz

Note:This product cannot interfere with all the above frequency options. You can choose the appropriate interference frequency band according to your needs.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions310 × 110 × 15 mm
Device Configuration

CDMA, PCS, 3G, 4G 700, wifi 2.4G,wifi 5.8G, CDMA, PCS, 3G, 4G 700, 4G 2600, wifi2.4G, CDMA, PCS, 3G, GPSL1, UHF, Lojack/VHF


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