T3A-B1 WiFi Blocking device

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Tabletop WiFi Blocking device SWU-T3A-B1 can disrupt the signals of Wi-Fi networks, essentially creates a dead zone for wireless connections around the area it is placed, thus preventing any devices from connecting to the WiFi routers.

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In today’s world of heavy dependency on digital technology, remaining connected to the internet has always turning to be a necessity.

However, considering the numerous and still increasing amount of consumer devices connected to Wi-Fi networks, privacy and security have already become some major concerns for people using it.

And this exactly is the main issue that WiFi Network Blocker SWU-T3A-B1 is designed to fix.

What is this device SWU-T3A-B1?

It is an equipment that can disrupt the signals of Wi-Fi networks, preventing any devices from connecting to them.

It essentially creates a dead zone for wireless connections around the area it is placed, ensuring that your private conversations and data stay in secure.

What can this WiFi Network Blocker do?

  1. Protect Your Privacy:

Along with the rapid rising of smart home devices and IoT equipment, cyber hackers can easily access your personal information through your Wi-Fi network. Using this device can prevent unauthorized access and protect your privacy.

  1. Ensure Security:

Corporate espionage is a real threat in today’s competitive business world. With a WiFi signal jammer working in your office or boardroom, you can prevent potential data breaches and protect sensitive information.

  1. Maintain Control:

In public environment loke cafes and restaurants, Wi-Fi networks are often shared among multiple users. By deploying the SWU-T3A-B1, your personal data will remain secure and any unwanted connections to your device will be stopped.

How does WiFi Network Blocker work?

The device SWU-T3A-B1 operates by casting signals on the frequency of WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5.2GHz and WiFi 5.8GHz constantly, which are same as Wi-Fi routers’ principle.

Result in causing interference and disrupting the connection between the user devices and router, and the affecting range can be 100 meters at most.

This effectively blocks any incoming or outgoing data packets, then ensuring privacy and security.

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