P8A-B2 4G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker for Home Use


The black 4G Mobile Signal Blocking device SWU-P8A-B2 is a practical portable device, which possesses ability that can bring up good-enough effect, and it will act like a true helpmate for you.

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The simplistic designed 4G Cell Phone Jammer SWU-P8A-B2 is a practical portable device, do not be tricked by the the palm size of device body, for it’s ability can bring up good-enough effect than you can image.
We have tried to find a proper balance of physical characteristics like bigness, weight and material, with the performance of signal shielding.
As a result, if you are searching for 4G mobile phone signal blocker that share both convenience and capability, then this one will be the answer and it will act like a true helpmate for you.

While activating it in outside area with only power supply from battery, you can enjoy the protection provided by the frequency blocking function for about 120 minutes.
Apart from regular cellular signals broadcasting here and there, this mobile WiFi and cellular blocker is also able to interfere with common radio wave signals like LoJack, WiFi 2.4G used by IoT device, and GPS L1 signals for locating needs.
Staying in those public area such as local libraries, you can use it for avoiding cell phone distractions and focusing on reading. In the mean time, data access to your digital devices which is not permitted is being prevented constantly.
In the highway along with relaxed driving, it’s simple to keep away those unnecessary tracking signal from GPS satellites. You can just power on this handy helper and enjoy the trip, cause it will assist at no needs of additional actions.

What Features does this 4G Cell Phone Jammer for home use have?

– With the DIP function, it’s possible for you to switch OFF any specific aerial which is temporally not required.
– Turn on this device, a shielding space with radius of 25 meters at most that disrupt signals will be set up for you.
– A rechargeable Li-ion battery is built inside the device, share the capacity of 3,600 mAh.
– Two sets of charger are attached in the package, allow you charge the battery in different settings.

More details about the Frequencies

– Cellular Signals:

GSM 850 : 869 – 894 MHz
PCS : 1930 – 1990 MHz
3G UMTS 2100 : 2110 – 2155 MHz
4G LTE 700 : 729 – 768 MHz
4G LTE 2300 : 2350 – 2360 MHz

– Wireless Frequency

WiFi 2.4G : 2400 – 2500 MHz

– Locating Signal:

GPS L1 : 1565 – 1586 MHz

– Radio Frequency:

LoJack : 173 MHz

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions130 × 80 × 38 mm


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