T6A-S3 3G Cellular Frequency Blocker


The cellular frequency jammer SWU-T6A-S3 can be a specialized method for resolve the cell phone caused issues, all those widely deployed signals such as GSM 850, PCS and 4G LTE are supported, help to bring your peaceful life back.

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Let’s have a better view of the help that this CDMA mobile jammer device SWU-T6A-S3 can offer, by the common scene of that parent and children are facing problems caused by cell phones.
Just don’t be tricked by the ordinary equipment appearance, cause it has put all the efforts on dealing with cellular frequencies.

Turn off the Social Media and Drive out Addictions

Usually the dinner time will be the precious opportunity for families to engage in meaningful conversation, to have a better knowledge of each other.
While the children will always spend lots of time on the cell phone, being attracted by those messages from social medias.
For parents who concern about children’s mental and physical health, they will not accept the potential risks caused by phone addictions.
But ordering kids to put their phones down, or even yelling at them, will not get the situation better, sometimes might lead to a worsening of the relationship.
In this case, this desktop CDMA mobile jammer device for home will be the acceptable and effective solution for everyone, to resolve the issues when it’s needed, and switch back to standby while cellular signals are required.

Supported Cellular Signals Information

  1. GSM 850 : 869 – 894 MHz;
  2. GSM 900 : 925 – 960 MHz;
  3. PCS 1930 – 1990 MHz;
  4. 3G UMTS2100: 2110 – 2155 MHz;
  5. 4G LTE 700 : 729 – 768 MHz;
  6. 4G LTE 2300 : 2350 – 2360 MHz.

Parameters Detailed Introduction

  1. Power Input/Output : Device running relies on the electricity supply from the AC power adapter (AC 100 ~ 240V to DC 5V), and the outputting level can reach the limitation of 10 watts.
  2. Jamming Distance : Cellular signals within the 30 meters of device will be disrupted, the cell phones will not be able to retrieve messages from the server.
  3. Cooling System : There are cooling fans built inside the 3G cellular frequency blocker, and some ventilation holes are opened in the outer case sides. And considering the outputs is not in a high degree, the device temperature will be controlled in a reasonable state after long time blocking work.
Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions250 × 106 × 33 mm


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