WHDA-W6 Wall Mount 16 Channels 5G Jammer for Cell Phone Signals

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Sickly and annoying people always like to use various surveillance methods to spy on other people’s privacy, making people fall into unknown darkness. Those who are deeply harmed by this, take a look at this SWU-WHDA-W6 wireless wall-mounted jammer for cell phone signals! The use of UHF broadband interference technology makes its interference effect better than other similar products.

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Sickly and annoying people always like to use various surveillance tools to spy on other people’s privacy, making people fall into the unknown darkness. Those who have suffered from it, take a look at this!

This SWU-WHDA-W6 wireless wall-mounted jammer for cell phone signals have 16 built-in antennas, and the signal within 70 meters is under control. It can effectively block cellular phone signals, WiFi, GPS and other signals, and the output power can reach 100W. Optional built-in backup lithium iron battery and lithium iron phosphate battery. Although it is a wall-mounted jammer cell phone signal, but you can also place it on the ground or on a table.

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Supported Interference Frequencies

3G3G UMTS 2100
4G4G LTE 700
4G LTE 2300
5G5G FR1 2500
5G FR1 3500
5G FR1 3700
5G FR1 4900
WiFiWi-Fi 2.4G
Wi-Fi 5.8G

Note: UHF :315mhz, 433mhz, 868mhz can be customized

More Details you should know

  • The built-in antenna design allows users to use it right out of the box without on-site installation;
  • UHF broadband jamming technology makes its jamming effect better than other similar products;
  • Integrated remote control and software-based computer control management functions through TCP/IP networks enable users to configure and adjust the device in real time to optimize signal reception and transmission, as well as remotely monitor and solve problems. This level of control and customization is particularly useful for network administrators, telecommunications companies and building owners seeking to ensure seamless communication within their properties;
  • This product hides extraordinary functions under its low-key appearance, with a built-in high-gain directional antenna (If you have more special needs, you can also choose an omnidirectional antenna);

  • Equipped with a powerful aluminum alloy radiator and 4 built-in cooling fans. It is like a living product that knows how to protect itself. When the temperature fluctuates too much during operation, the output power needs to be adjusted, and the standing wave warning is issued, the cell phone and wifi jammer will automatically stop working to avoid causing harm to itself;
  • This product only blocks the downlink and does not interfere with the base station.
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